We now Stock a Full Line of Modular Ramps and Door Threshold Entryways

Makes getting a wheelchair or scooter in the house or in the car/van easy!  Available in varying lengths and widths, we can customize the right solution for you. Click below to see pricing and inventory of some of our most popular options or call us today.

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BuzzAround Scooters in Stock- Get back your Mobility!

The compact scooter allows the freedom to go anywhere! With prices starting at $999 and multiple models on our showroom floor we are New England's premier Scooter and Power Chair Supplier. Our team of sales and service professionals will help you select the correct mobility product and be able to service it if needed.

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The Dangers of Taking Your Meds Wrong- And How Home Care Pharmacy Can Help!

Do you or your loved one have trouble managing you meds? Home Care Pharmacy's innovative Compliance Packaging System can give you peace of mind ensuring that the medication is taking correctly without worry!

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Save $ With Our Rental Products

Only need equipment for a short period of time? Why not rent it for a fraction of the cost of buying? We have the products you need in stock and ready for rental for as long as you need it!

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Buy Big and Save Big On All Incontinence Items

Save on Bulk Quantities of Adult Diapers, Pull Ups, and Bed Pads from some of our Premium Manfactuers. Delivered to your house for free!

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Let us Help You Make Your Bathroom Fall Safe!

With our full line of Bathroom Safety Items, we can help you create a safe enviroment for you or loved ones- everything from grab bars to bath benches- we have it in stock and even put together!

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About Us & Our Mission
At North Shore Home Medical Supply and Home Care Pharmacy,
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Are you tired of the big box pharmacies? Looking for
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Store Location and Hours
OPEN 365 DAYS A YEAR! Monday-Friday:        
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Medical Supplies and Equipment
Our retail medical supply store has many products to help
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We are Now Proud to Carry Sigvaris Compression

North Shore Home Medical Supply is proud to now offer Sigvaris Compression Garments! What are Compression Garments? Compression garments, also known as compression socks are used for a variety of purposes, from DVT prevention to eliminating "spider veins.  Common uses of Compression include: Increases venous blood flow Decreases venous blood volume Reduces reflux in diseased superficial and/or deep veins Reduces a pathologically elevated venous pressure  Reduces an elevated oedema of the tissue Increases the drainage of nocious substances Reduces inflammation Sustains...

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Great Start Today at the State of The City Legislative Breakfast!

We were proud to sponsor Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce "State of the City Legislative Breakfast."   It was a great to listen to Mayor Bettencourt, State Senator Lovely, and State Reps Speliotis and Walsh speak about their vision for Peabody and surrounding towns!  It was well attending and made us proud to be a local biz in Peabody! Thanks to all those at the Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce for putting on such a great event!  

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National Pharmacy Day Jan 12, 2016

On January 12th we recognize the important role that pharmacists play in the medical profession.  In almost every town, there are more than one pharmacies, making medical advice available just around the corner.  The community pharmacist not only fills your prescriptions, he also takes the time to counsel you about your medication.  The community pharmacist is also ready to assist you with vitamins, first aid products, as well as over-the-counter medications and any possible drug interactions that could occur from...

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Adult Incontinence- The Silent Issue Affecting The MAJORITY of Seniors

  Did you know? Urinary incontinence affects 25 million American adults and 200 million adults worldwide. More than half of all residents in nursing homes suffer from incontinence. Stress incontinence affects approximately 15 million U.S. adult women. An estimated 10-25% of patients will still experience bladder control issues after undergoing radical prostatectomy surgery, or prostate cancer surgery. Urinary incontinence is a common risk factor for falling, and in people ages 65 and older, falls are the leading cause of injury...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using an Independent Pharmacy

Go to the Non-Descript Big Box Pharmacy to get your Rxs?  See what you’re missing- Faster Wait Times Do you ever wonder why it takes an hour (or more) to fill a prescription when you drop it off at the local chain?  We wonder too!  At Home Care Pharmacy our wait times are usually less than 15 minutes!  Save even more time by using our convenient drive through drop off/pick up window! Extra Services Not Available at the Chains Have trouble getting...

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New Product is in!

Last month at Medtrade (the yearly Tradeshow in Atlanta) I ordered all new high-end product and it is starting to roll through the doors. Be the first to see the new bed assists, rollators, and our complete line of wheelchair ramps from EZ access! We also brought in the new line of seat lifts from Golden Technology, (The leader in seat lifts!) Come in before Christmas and mention you saw this ad and we will deliver the chair for free and...

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How do we get away with selling a walker for $349.00?!

Ok, so you look online or one of your big box retailers for Rollators or 4 Wheeled Walkers.  You seem them starting around $100 or less.  Even our basic Rollator is priced at $99. So have we lost our minds selling ones for $349? No!  It is simply that much better than the other options be offered. Introducing the Escape Rollator by Triumph Medical. It's the features and craftsmanship that make it the ultimate in mobility solutions.  Some of the...

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Thing you should know about the FLU

Why is the Flu Vaccine Important? The flu vaccine is important because it saves lives. Even if you had the flu before and did not get very sick, it does not mean you will not get very sick if you get the flu again. The sick and the elderly are at the highest risk for serious complications, but the healthy and young still transmit the virus to everyone, even if they are hardly sick themselves. The flu is one of...

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