How to Fit/Size an Adult Diaper

How to Fit an Adult Diaper

How to properly fit an adult diaper is every bit as important as selecting and choosing an adult diaper. Refer to the adult diaper size chart seen below for proper fitting of an adult diaper.  The key to fitting any adult diaper is to have an accurate waist or hip measurement, and choosing an adult diaper requires you to know how to fit an adult diaper.  Remember, size charts are not standard, and can vary by brand.  Proper fitting of an adult diaper depends on an accurate hip/waist measurement.

Most people use the Sizing Guide to find the proper size based on height and weight.  However, if you prefer to find your exact waist size of someone you care for, follow these simple steps.

For Someone Standing:  Use a tape-measure to measure the hips or waist, whichever is largest.  Place the tape measure snugly, but not lightly, around the largest area.

For someone sitting or lying down:  Place the tape measure to measure the hips or waist, whichever is largest.  Place the tape measure snugly, but not tightly, around the largest area.

Take the “Would You Wear It” Test:  If you’re measuring as a caretaker, take a look at the product once it’s being worn and answer the following questions, and decide whether it is the right size:

  • How does the adult diaper fit in the legs?
  • How much overlap is there on each side?
  • Does it look like a pair of underwear?
  • Is it too loose?
  • Is it too tight?
  • Does the adult diaper shift or bunch up?

Remember that bigger is not always better.  When it comes to adult briefs and incontinence products, proper fit equals better containment and better comfort.  We go out of our way to offer the best adult diapers on the market,  but even the Tranquility ATN Adult Briefs, the Cadillac of adult diapers, isn’t going to be leak-proof if you don’t have the proper fit.  The adult diaper fit is KEY to comfort and performance.