Signature Life- Live Life on Your Terms

North Shore Home Medical Supply is proud to offer Signature Life- a new line of premium safety and mobility products for the home and car!

What really sets these products apart from the competition is their sleek look and high end functionality.  Even though the pricing is higher than some of the other solutions we offer, it is a great option for people who want the best!

Some of Our Favorite Signature Life Items Include:

Elite Travel Walker


This small, portable walker is designed to be the perfect companion for your next adventure. It’s fold-able, light-weight structure makes it easy to stash in an overhead airplane compartment or in the front seat of your car, while large swivel wheels allow you to maneuver through a variety of terrain.  Weighing in at only 8lb this is truly a “Go Anywhere” walker



Sure Stand Security Pole


You love the comforting feeling of your home, and now, with the Sure Stand Pole, you can have the support you need to stand safely without changing the look and feel of your home. The Sure Stand pole is tension mounted, so it can be installed anywhere in the home without drilling holes in your floor or ceiling.

The most common place in the home for falls is in the bathroom, so place the Sure Stand Pole between the tub/shower and toilet, then position the handles to be used for both getting in and out of the shower, and on and off the toilet.




Assurance Car Handle


With the Assurance Car Handle from Signature Life, you can relax knowing that you have the support you need, and the freedom to travel with confidence. If you have trouble getting in and out of your car, the Assurance Car Handle is for you! It slides into the striker of any car door, and places the handle right where you need it for maximum support. Create your own path with the Assurance Car Handle..





North Shore Home Medical Supply Makes Buying Easy

As Signature Life’s only retailer in New England- North Shore Home Medical Supply offers the full line of Signature Products and features demo units on the floor for for you to try.

Best of all we also guarantee that you won’t find Signature Life products advertised for less!

See the new Signature Life line of products below or come in to the store and try them out before you buy.