The Dangers of Taking Your Meds Wrong- And How Home Care Pharmacy Can Help!


Medication Adherence (Taking medication correctly ) is a serious problem affecting our nation’s elderly.

Did you know….

  • At least 125,000 Americans die annually due to poor medication adherence.
  • As adherence declines, emergency room visits increase by 17% and hospital stays rise 10% among patients with diabetes, asthma, or gastric acid disorder.
  • Poor medication adherence results in 33% to 69% of medication-related hospital admissions in the United States, at a cost of roughly $100 billion per year.
  • NEHI estimates that total potential savings from adherence and related disease management could be $290 billion annually — 13% of health spending.

As you can see- taking your medication incorrectly can lead to serious health consequences. Seniors are at particular risk of taking medication wrong as they have many medications, taken more often, and usually written by multiple physicians.

Signs of someone who has medication adherence problems include:

  • Having medication bottles all around the house and no obvious organized system
  • Pharmacy or insurance companies not able to refill a medication because it is “too soon”
  • Patients who are on many medications and reports confusion
  • Unexplained hospitalization(s)
  • Increase in possible medication side effects including drowsiness, dizziness, falls, low or high blood sugars, etc

The good news is we can help!download

Our medication compliance solutions takes all the guesswork out of complicated medication regimens.  We work directly with our patient’s physicians, nurses, and of course our patient themselves to organize their medication in a easy to use our customized packaging.  We handle all medication changes and organize their medication by date and time, making medication adherence as easy as reading the date and time off the package, and taking the medication.  Best of all we deliver the medication package directly to the patient for free!

In addition all patient’s medications are reviewed by a pharmacist who will work our patient’s physician(s) to optimize their medication therapy- making sure they are on the best combination of medication to get the best results, reduce the potential for side effects, and identify cost savings opportunities.

All these services are offered at no extra charge!

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